Mita still could not believe what she had heard. She put her hand on her thigh and pinched it hard to make sure that she was not dreaming, then she looked at the man in front of her in serious way.

Swagat,a pair of thick sword-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes and a charming face. He was so eye-catching that others could spot him immediately in a crowd.

His expression and attitude were very serious and he didn't look like an impulsive person.This was the second time that they had met and yet he said he wanted to marry her.

His deep magnetic voice arrived at her ears again. "I thought that you were just liking me. Going on a blind date with the objective to form a family, to get married and have children, and live an "ordinary life"."Yes, I think so too, but after all, we have just met for the second time. Don't you think it's too fast?" Mita said. 

She wanted to have her own family, but she didn't expect it to be so hasty. "It is a bit too fast." Swagat continued with a calm look, "After the first meeting, I went back and thought about it for two days. You have given me a good feeling. I personally feel that our personalities don't clash, so I want to have a try."

Mita frowned slightly and was unhappy. "In my opinion, marriage is not a trivial thing. Try?

 If this doesn’t work out, does it mean you want to..."

Before she could finish, Swagat interrupted her, "Miss Karen, we are all adults. Of course, we would never earn for a love that does not even exist. We all know what we want."

Mita did not answer and continued to stare at him.

On the surface, this man was calm and not we flam boyant. He would be a good husband.

However, could she really hand over the rest of her life to this man whom she had only met twice?


Seeing that she was hesitating, Swagat added, "Maybe it was impatient of me, not to have considered your feelings. If you think I'm suitable, you can go back and think about it. I'll wait for your call."

After returning home that day, Mita had been thinking about it all night.

She admitted that some of her opinions were similar to those of Swagat's. For example, she also believed that there was no true love in the world.

After being deeply hurt, she no longer believed that there was love in this world.

After a sleepless night, Mita called Swagat early the next morning and agreed to his so-called proposal.