me goes to an old age home to share some sweets on my  son's birthday. I saw an old woman there that day. I had never  seen her  before. Somehow she was identified I asked the manager,
Who is that madam? ? Looking new here, 
She been here under two months. You haven't come in yet, so you haven't seen her , You know, Aunty   is a very quiet person. No one has seen anyone talk to them in a Moment  manager replies. 
But what did her name?  i asked to manager,
Her name mamata ray.
I was stunned to hear mamata ray name. It's not that she !! I ran to her and saw that my guess was true. As she  got older, her  body became slimmer, her eyes became two chambers, her  hair became all jagged.
I told  sister-in-law recognizes me !!
She  shook his head and said no.
I've been to your house many times when I was a girl.your niece seema’s  friend ani.
After hearing my name, I thought she recognized me even though he didn't want to introduce herself. Nor did she want to tell anyone about her. she was forced to bow his head and leave.
                                  I was saddened to see her there that day. Because Seema was a close friend of mine during college. I go to her house about the same time. mamata was the eldest daughter-in-law in  the family. Her  mother in law and husband  did not love her  because The main reason was her black  color. Her husband  does not speak well of her .    When ever  i goes  to her  house, she was constantly working on the house. Still, everyone was dissatisfied. But her father in law  loved her. Then, as my lessons were over, I lost contact with her  home.
That night I couldn't sleep thinking of her
The next day after my  son went to college and the husband went to the office, took an auto and went to the old age home again. I told the manager and went straight to mamata's sister-in-law. she was sitting alone in a corner in the garden. 
But I held his hand and said
"sister-in-law, I know you know me well." Mrs  ray said his story to me.
“ Yes, Ani! I've known you since yesterday, but what can I say?  a long time she squeezed inside and said to me Eight years after our marriage, we had a son .I thought I would spend the day looking at my son's face , I didn’t have time to find affection within the responsibilities of son, job, housework,  mother-in-law-in-law..
Year after year passed ,my son named bablu completed his degree and posted in a job at Hyderabad. I heard he was in a living relationship with a girl. I was forced  to explain to his  father and get married them. After their marriage , they left  for Hyderabad . Gradually, Father in law and mother in law  died,in our family we 4 are left. Bablu’s father was a drunker .once in an evening he  had chest pains. He also died,
One day my son Bablu told me, Mom! I think I'll leave you in an old age home. There will be people who want to see you, You will not feel alone, Here we go in the morning and come in the evening. You are lonely here all day.
What else can I answer?all things are decided very early. The next day I came here with my son. I had no way of protesting
This  is all my story ani... “

I returned from sister-in-law with a broken heart that day, When i leave, i brings her son's address and phone number from the manager. 
The next day is Sunday, i left from my house by saying going to my friend house, Probably heard at home,It's not okay to head over heels in other homes,But I don't think it's a not shame to be this way.i reached at bablu’s house. That day, I talked about mamata's story that i saw in my eye’s  at old age home. Tears welled up in their eyes as i spoke. Both seemed embarrassed, That's what I said when I got back : If you have a little love for her  in life You will spend the rest of your life with her. If you want to repay his debt, get rid of her. And in the future if your child asks to u where is our grandmother , what will you answer then !!!
When I returned, they were both silent, I was relieved after  told  that.
Two days later, the home age  manager  reported on the phone that mam She was taken away by her son. Upon hearing the news, I breathed a sigh of relief.

''So don't think your parents old and leave them at old age home.
Might be u next who will leave on old age home.So love,care and be kind to your old parents..''