One fine morning when the door was not opened for 5 to 6 hours,,
watchman of that apartment unlocked the room and what he saw was,a girl named as sandhya who lives in that room was being hanged and the watchman was literally shocked.He called ambulance as well as the police and her family members and informed that sandhya had committed suicide.
                                               5 yr later...

A girl from a small town from Patna had completed her degree and got campus from a reputed software company at Bangalore.
Sandhya ray of 25age,
Father somnath ray(successful and a very boisterous businessman of Patna)and mother arati ray is( teacher of a govt school).They were as happiest family,
sandhya who was very beautiful,shy in nature and a cheerful girl.
Sandhya passed out her degree in computer science .when she was perusing her degree she meet a boy named sumit.
Sumit mahananda (schedule in cast and  belong to a middle class family from odisha), his  father was a farmer
Sumit and sandhya meet each other when they were at 2nd year,both were  from same branch.
 They were very good friend. Slowly slowly  their  friendship  turn in to love and affections and they were seen as couple. Both were very caring for each other.They spends lots of time together and goes to  park ,cinema ,restaurant  and mall.In that way they  spend their 4 yr love and bond between them goes stronger  and stronger day by day. one day sandhya asked normally to sumit
if i die one day, what will u do?
Sumit said that the day u will die,that day will be also my last day of my life.
After the conversation they both hugged each other.
Both were very studious in study. In their final year they both got campus .sandhya got job in Bangalore and sumit got in Delhi. both were ready to move for their job lyf.
The day was near by when they had to separate from each other  not by heart but by distance.
“DISTANCE NEVER END LOVE” and they prove it.
They join their new company and they started working. when there will  be a weekend they  meet and travel to many places and spend their life . 
                                                        One day they both decided to get married, sumit first told to his parents and after that sandhya told to her parents about her day sumit told to his mother about sandhya and his mother was very happy but sadly she said to his son that we are low in caste and they are bramin,their parents can't accept your love further..sumit told same thing to his father ,his father finally said let the girl talk to her parents,after that we will decide( if they will be agree with both of ur  relationship)then we don't have any problems to accept ur love.
Sumit told all the situation to sandhya .she  agreed with sumit and next fine morning she called her mother to talk about her relationshi but her mother waslittle busy with her school work so she cut the  phone .sandhya waited the entire day but her mother didn't call her .Then in the evening she called her mother and  talk  about her love. her mother wasvery  angry and said whatever  the boy does I don't care but what was about the cast. sandhya said they were low in cast .her mother became very angry and cut the phone , sandhya called to his father and said everything about sumit
But her father  replied if she will meet next to sumit then he will kill both of them .
All the discussion were getting very critical, sandhya told everything to sumit . they both became disappointed  and both of them decided to marry without permission of their parents.
    But sandhyas father was so clever and he took a flight in next morning and reached Bangalore to her daughter house,
After lots of discussion finally her father adviced her if she is not separated  from each other then he will kill sumit.
Both sumit and sandhya were very upset what to do next.
In the next morning sumit reached sandhya’s   apartment ,they both discussed about the matters ,sumit called to sandhyas father ,but her father misbehaved to sumit and cut the phone.
Finally both can't took any decision   ,both of them cried over night and finally they decided to suicide .
Sandhya hanged herself at drawing room and sumit hanged in bedroom, 

watchman finally saw sumits body which was hunged in bedroom .

Suicide was not a solution to a temporary problem,