God had created the world.Every beautiful things are made by Him.He has created human being and among all of them, there was a boy named as vidyadhar,who was born in a middle class family having a very soft heart nature and helps everyone.
               His father "jay sankar pandit is a farmer and mother is a house wife and three of them were like very happy family.
He wasn't studying well. He was not successful as his friends were.His father was not satisfied with his incompetence and didn't want for higher studies.During his school period Sunil and Suman were his best friend.After graduation vidyadhar's father opened him a  grocery shop.
In his collage life he loved a girl named Suniti.
Suniti is a very helpful girl,her father and mother both were govt job nd were rich family.Both of them vidyadhar and Suniti were from same village.Both of them had fallen love for each more than 5yr ago.Suniti's father was not accepting her love.They both decided to marry without permission of anyone's parents but Vidyadhar thought about his parents as he was only one who cares about his parents.
    Finally they decided to separate.His best friend sunil asked how could you bith be separated,how could you have no feelings for each other.In a gentle smile vidyadhar said if she had loved me then she will definitely come for me without any reason.
But finally Suniti got married.At his marriage day vidyadhar helps till her marriage ends because Suniti was his village girl.Finally she was out of his lyf.
    After some months  Vidyadhar got married a girl named lata and it was arranged marriage.After 5 month of their marriage lata shows his real face to everyone.
        Sunil who was best friend of vidyadhar was doing a job at private limited near his village.After a few month sunil also marry his loved one suman.They were very happy in their lyf .
One day sunil saw vidyadhar upset .he asked him what's the reason behind this.vidyadhar told about his problem that his parents are being insulted by his wife lata.lata was kind of girl who always needs fame and money. Vidyadhar was so upset that he asked to god what he mistake he did in his lyf that he was rejected by everyone.he didn't harm to anyone but why God was doing to him.
He was getting jelous of his friend sunil as sunil got his beloved girl.
One fine morning vidyadhar was going to his shop as usual.many things come to his mind,his family ,his wife,his friend's,his past.
He can't know what to do next .what can he do next to solve all his problems .
     Suddenly he felt down,his friend immediately took him to the hospital.all family members were coming to see him .after a moment he lost his memory ,he couldn't recognise any one.he was suffering from mental health problems .all his past  nd feature was blank.Happiness and peace were lost forever frim his life.
 Is human life was like this??  It was almost impossible to get him back......