"Mita, this is my bank card, and the password is 131224, you can use it to buy anything necessary.”
A few hours had passed, but Mita was still thinking about what her new husband had said as he handed her a bank card before going out in the morning.
Honestly, she knew very little about her husband. Apart from the fact,her husband name was Swagat, she knew nothing else about him, not even who were his family members are.
Mita did not know where she got the courage to get married to a man she had only met twice.

Ten days ago, with the help of Bishnupriya, her best friend, Mita met Swagat for the first time on a blind date.
She was not hopeful. After all, she had been hurted three years ago, and she no longer had the right to be picky about others, but had to succumb for letting others pick her instead.
She was 15 minutes earlier on the day of the blind date.
Since she didn’t have any good qualities, she could only do better in other aspects, hoping to leave a good impression.
If she could marry a man that was suitable for her, she could also make her parents feel at ease.
The man came on time. The man's suit and shoes were very formal, which made her feel how important he viewed this blind date, which gave her a good first impression of him. His way of greeting was also very ordinary. "Miss Mita, Hello! I am Swagat."
It was a very ordinary sentence, but because his voice was very magnetic, it made Mita feel unusually pleasant, leaving behind better impression than before.
After a brief chat, they exchanged their phone numbers and left.
Since mita had been on many blind dates before, she did not take this blind date seriously.
She thought that this blind date would end up the same as those before.

Unexpectedly, she received a call from Swagat two days later.
His voice was as polite as before, "Miss mita, are you free tonight?"
That night, Swagat invited her to an Italian restaurant for dinner.
Mita didn't like the awkwardness of a blind date. There spoke very few words in at the restaurant. During the meal, she felt a little cautious and she didn't eat much.
Originally, she wanted to find a reason to leave early. While she was hesitating, Swagat spoke first, "Miss mita, I have some work next Wednesday, how about if we get our marriage certificate picked up then?" "What, what certificate do you want?" Mita was shocked by
Swagat's words. "A marriage certificate," he repeated in a serious tone. He did not sound like he was joking at all.