A legend says that Indradyumna was a king who worshipped  lord Vishnu very much. Once the king was informed that lord Vishnu has come in the form of Nila Madhava so the king sent a priest named Vidyapati to search for him. ... Vidyapati asked his father-in-law to take him to Nila Madhava.

Ratha Yatra, the grand and colorful festival of chariots, is held on Asadha Sukla Dwitiya ,Millions of devotees from different parts of the country and abroad witnessed the spectacle of world famous Car festival of lord jagannath at PURI. This festival is also known as 'Gundicha Yatra'. As per the prevailing tradition, Gundicha was the Rani (queen) of Raja Indradyumna, the legendary builder of the first temple. She had initiated this grand festival. Hence, this festival is also known after her name.the most feautiful fastival ,all world celibrate ghosha jatra every year.    


On this day, the three deities are taken out from the jagannath Temple, placed in three gorgeously decorated chariots and start their journey to Sri Gundicha Temple.called ratha yatra.

At Gundicha Temple the deities remain for 7 days and perform their return journey on the 9th day which is known as 'Bahuda Yatra'.
The three chariots reach back the main temple in the evening.
  On the next day, the three deities are attired in costumes of glittering gold ornaments and are worshipped by millions of devotees. This is known as the 'Suna Vesha'.

Next day morning, the three deities go back to their original place of the temple. That’s end of the Car festival.
Thats about cart fastival lets know about some more things-

v  Chariot of Subhadra – DARPADALANA

The Chariot of Subhadra, known as Dwarpadalana , literally “trampler of pride,” is forty – three feet high with twelve wheels, each of seven – foot diameter. This Chariot is decked with a covering of red and black cloth – black being traditionally associated with Shakti and the Mother Goddess.
Presiding Deties: Devi Subhadra
Number of wheels: 12
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 593
Height: 42′ 3″
Length and breadth: 31’6″ x 31’6″
Wrappings: Red, Black colour cloths
Guarded by: Jayadurga
Name of the charioteer: Arjuna
The flag: Nadambika
The horses: Rochika, Mochika, Jita, Aparajita
The rope: Swarnachuda Naguni
v  Chariot of Balabhadra – TALADHWAJA

The Chariot of Lord Balarama, called the Taladhwaja, is the one with the Palm Tree on its flag. It has fourteen wheels, each of seven foot diameter and is covered with red and blue cloth. Its height is forty – four feet.
Presiding Deties: Shree Balabhadra
Number of wheels: 14
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 763
Height: 43′ 3″
Length and breadth: 33′ x 33′
Wrappings: Red, Bluish green colour cloths
Guarded by: Basudev
Name of the charioteer: Matali
The flag: Unnani
The horses: Tribra, Ghora, Dirghasharma, Swornanava
The rope: Basuki Naga


Lord Jagannatha’s Chariot is called Nandighosa. It is forty-five feet high and forty – five feet square at the wheel level. It has sixteen wheels, each of seven – foot diameter, and is decked with a cover made of red and yellow cloth. Lord Jagannatha is identified with Krushna, who is also known as Pitambara, the one attired in golden yellow robes and hence the distinguishing yellow stripes on the canopy of this chariot.
Presiding Deties: Shree Jagannath
Number of wheels: 16
Total Number of wooden pieces used: 832
Height: 44′ 2″
Length and breadth: 34’6″ x 34’6″
Wrappings: Red, Yellow colour cloths
Guarded by: Garuda
Name of the charioteer: Daruka
The flag: Trailokyamohini
The horses: Shankha, Balahaka, Suweta, Haridashwa

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